Sell your Calgary home

There are several factors to consider when you want to sell your Calgary home. They are all connected together and giving them a little bit of thought before deciding on listing your property will help you sell your home quicker and probably also for a better price.

The first factor to consider is economy. Current job cuts in oil industry and slower migration rates to the city affect real estate market significantly. Less people are looking to purchase a property in Calgary, which leads to a surplus of houses for sale. Barbara Wilkolaski, a Calgary Realtor advises her clients to plan the sale of a house ahead and list their property, when there will be less comparable homes for sale in the neighborhood.

A knowledgeable Realtor will know the competition and local market activity and pick the right moment to put the home for sale. This strategy will help generate more interest among buyers and a quicker sale.

Knowing your competition before listing a home for sale is a first step. The next one is to know your buyers. Yes, your Realtor should know who will most likely be interested in purchasing your home before it is even listed. Some neighborhoods and properties can appeal to a wide range of buyers says Barbara Wilkolaski, who specializes in Mahogany, Auburn Bay and Cranston. South neighbourhoods like Mahogany are a very good example. “First time home buyers, young families, seniors – I worked with all kinds of buyers in those neighborhoods” says Barbara.

Not all properties however are so diversified. A good advice is to have an experienced Realtor to help you determine the most probable client base and tailor the marketing plan to target those buyers who will most likely find your home appealing. The most basic factors to consider when defining your target market are location of your property, size, type, price and the demographic factors of the community.

The most difficult aspect of listing the property is setting up the right price. Current market is a “buyers’ market” so finding a compromise between preferred and most probable sale price can be challenging. Experienced Realtors like Barbara Wilkolski advice on setting the right market price right at the beginning. Being priced accordingly will generate more interest and might get you multiple offers, where overpricing a property in this market will most likely end with listing it lower than average at the end.

It is definitely more challenging to sell a home in Calgary these days, however working with a good Realtor who can tailor a marketing plan specifically to your property will help you sell your Calgary home quicker and for a better price.

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