January 13, 2017
Barbara Wilkolaski

Calgary Real Estate: How 2016 ended and what is expected in 2017

Calgary real estate market forecast and my two cents. According to Calgary Real Estate Board the year ended with Calgary real estate market continuing its downward slide with total sales in December down by 15% from the 10-year average. There were 1,100 real estate transactions recorded in December 2016.   Calgary Real Estate Board says

February 27, 2016
Barbara Wilkolaski

Market activity for Mahogany, Cranston and Auburn Bay.

Market activity for Mahogany, Cranston and Auburn Bay for January and February 2016 remains strong.   Mahogany:  There were 10 detached home sales in Mahogany in January and February with a minimum sale price of $405,000 and a maximum of $860,000. An average price per sq foot for Mahogany was around $260 for this period.

February 26, 2016
Barbara Wilkolaski

Sell Your Calgary Home Quicker

There are several factors to consider when you want to sell your Calgary home. They are all connected together and giving them a little bit of thought before deciding on listing your property will help you sell your home quicker and probably also for a better price. The first factor to consider is economy. Current job

February 4, 2016
Barbara Wilkolaski

Calgary Real Estate market report for January

This year started as a buyers’ year, much the same as last year ended. According to the Calgary Real Estate Board both sales volumes and sale prices dropped again. January sales totaled 763 units, which is 13 per cent below last year. While new listings declined by 16 per cent compared to January 2015, the

January 28, 2016
Barbara Wilkolaski

Problematic conditions in Calgary real estate market.

New housing market assessment released by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation suggests strong evidence of problematic conditions in Calgary. The report considered four factors to assess the evidence of problematic housing market conditions: overheating, acceleration in the growth of house prices, overvaluation and overbuilding. The report states that Calgary is showing strong evidence of problematic