Market update Mahogany
Market activity

Market activity for Mahogany, Cranston and Auburn Bay for January and February 2016 remains strong.



There were 10 detached home sales in Mahogany in January and February with a minimum sale price of $405,000 and a maximum of $860,000. An average price per sq foot for Mahogany was around $260 for this period.


Only 3 semi-detached properties sold in this period for an average of $377,000.

It seems like buyers are keener on purchasing a detached homes in this community, as it took over 3 months on average to sell a semi-detached house, where half of detached homes sold within a first month on a market.



Total of 24 detached properties sold in January and February 2016 in Cranston with a minimum sale price of $375,500 and maximum price of $675,000. Detached properties in Cranston currently sell on average within a month, for an average of 275 $/sf. Half of those homes sold within 30 days period.


In the same period 7 townhomes sold in Cranston. Prices for those attached homes vary between 300 and 400 thousand. It takes on average 70 days for a townhome to sell currently in Cranston, with the record minimum days on a market of 11.


Auburn Bay:

Total of 31 detached homes sold in Auburn Bay since the beginning of this year. The maximum sale price reached 1.6M and a minimum 390K. Homes in Auburn Bay sell within a month on average for an average of 280$/sf. The minimum days on a market for a home in this time period was 8 and 30% homes sold within 2 weeks period. This indicates that Auburn Bay is holding its position as a very popular neighbourhood.

In the same time 13 attached properties sold in this community: 5 town-homes and 8 semi-detached. Town-home's prices varied between 275k and 353K, with an average days on market of 64. Semi-detached homes sold for an average of 380K with also an average of 60 days on market.


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