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Barbara Wilkolaski specializes in Calgary real estate market and constantly monitors it to find great opportunities for the investors who work with her.

Foreclosures, Judicial Sales, Civil Enforcement and Bank or Private owned properties often come with a discounted price, especially now in tougher economic times. 

The search of the best deal involves being constantly on top of the market activity and requires market knowledge and understanding of the nature of this kid of sales.


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Judicial Sales – In Foreclosure:

  • Court date may be a couple weeks from submitting offer;
  • All offers have to be unconditional;
  • Property is "as is";
  • The judge will make the ruling on which offer wins;
  • There will be no counter offer;
  • No land survey or condo documents will be provided;
  • The court will determine the possession day;
  • No attached or unattached goods can be included in the offer;
  • Properties might be occupied making it more difficult to view.


Bank Owned Properties:

Property owned by the banks are often listed and sold using the MLS. 

  • Offers may have a financing condition;
  • Most institutions will respond within 2-5 business days;
  • Property is "as is";
  • Land surveys, real property reports, condo documents are not provided;
  • No attached or unattached goods can be included in the offer;
  • Possession date is negotiable.


Civil Enforcement Sales:

In some cases a bailiff or civil enforcement agency has been hired to collect debts, resulting in a real estate sale or partial sale.

What a partial sale? The enforcement agency collecting debts can only sell the debtors share of the property .The civil enforcement agencies have their own purchase contract that is different than the one used by Alberta real estate agents .